If you purchased a Quarterly subscription prior to February 24, 2017, your account has been grandfathered into the PRO Monthly plan at your current monthly rate. For example, if you currently pay $90 every quarter, you will be paying $30 per month instead of $90 every 3 months on the new site at your next renewal date. Our goal with the roll-out of our new subscription plans and site enhancements was to provide existing customers additional value through the improved platform, without the headache or concern for pricing changes. 

Therefore, your grandfathered monthly rate will not change as long as you remain an active subscriber on the monthly plan without a lapse in your subscription. If you wish to upgrade or switch your billing term from monthly to annual, you will be paying the current rates. 

Similarly, if you cancel your subscription, you will lose out on the reduced subscription fees that were grandfathered into your plan. 

The Pro plan delivers a similar experience to the old version of NeighborhoodScout that you subscribed to, except with a fresh look, better maps, condition alerts that trigger when something exceptional (good or bad) is going on, and new real estate pricing, property tax and rental data at the micro-neighborhood level for any address.