Every thematic map on NeighborhoodScout illuminates differences within a geographic area for one of five themes: 

  • Median house values (Overview tabs)
  • Home appreciation rates (Real Estate tabs)
  • Population change (Demographics tabs)
  • Total crime index (Crime tabs)
  • Public school rates (School tabs)

At the state level, the colored polygons on the maps represent towns and cities within that state. At the city level, they represent individual neighborhoods within that town or city. 

For instance, on the Crime tabs at the city or state level, the blue polygons represent the relative crime levels for each area. Dark blue colors indicate high crime relative to that city, while the lighter shades indicate lower crime relative to that city. 

It's important to note that the lighter shades do not necessarily mean high crime; the area may actually be very safe. They are merely being compared against the crime ratings of the other polygons within that city or state. Click into a polygon to explore the crime stats for any location on the map.