Don't worry, they'll be back. We've rebuilt much of our infrastructure, in addition to redesigning a mobile-friendly site, building new data, and adding new features. Tackling the Advanced Search and Match features at the same time as a major site rebuild would have delayed our launch by several months, and we knew that our customers didn't want to wait that long. 

So, now that we've launched, we can begin the improvements to Advanced Search and Match. When they go live, you'll find them under different names. Don't worry -- they'll still have the search power that you're used to. Just with a new face-lift and performance improvements. 

We realized that "Advanced Search" and "Match" didn't do these powerful tools justice, so we're re-branding them as follows: 

Advanced Search will launch as Scout's "Data Optimizer." 

Match will become "Market Match."

And we're adding a new feature -- "Lifestyle Mapper."

If you're a current customer, you'll get the email announcement when they go live. Otherwise, stay tuned to all of Scout's latest news, data updates and more by signing up to Scout's Insights blog.

In the meantime, send us your feedback or feature requests by submitting a ticket through this support portal.